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United States Postal service is one of oldest courier or postal service providing company in the world. It was started in late 17th century when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster in the United States. Since then USPS never look behind and just got more customers attention day by day. It is very famous in the market because of it is the only one accredited independent agency by the United States of America. IN 1971 decided to get it under the government as an independent agency to provide service throughout the United States at Uniform price base. In other words, USPS have to serve people for a particular weight with shape & size irrespective of distance within the borders of United Nations.
After its successful journey within the United States, company officials had decided to expand their business in all across the world and this company is World’s 3rd biggest employer in the world as per the key people working in an organization with more than 6 lakh people. The company is providing its services in more than 190 countries having 150000 vehicles to provide convenient services. Vehicles include bikes, cars, vans, tractors, aircraft's etc. As we all know in this competitive world how the companies are claiming to provide cheap, fast delivery services. That’s why USPS has designed various types of packages under which you can get best services. These services various on the basis of shape, size, distance, express delivery, faster or normal delivery. Some of the best are listed below.
USPS first class: this is basically designed for small letters, envelopes, parcels etc.
USPS priority mail: Minimum 2- 3 business days are needed under this category l
USPS priority mail express: Fastest delivery within US borders within 1 business day delivery
USPS priority mail International: Fastest International delivery
USPS informed Service: This service has been started before a year ago under this letter-sized printed photos are delivered at customers doorstep.
USPS diplomatic services
USPS tracking or USPS tracking International is a very convenient medium to track your shipment sent via USPS by using different methods. Choose one of them.
1- You can visit website Look for tracking option and put the shipment number that you have been given at the time booking of shipment in the company and hit GO.
2- MY USPS is a very easy to use Application, you can download it and track your orders via it.
3- SMS method

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